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If you`ve ever gone through the unpleasant situation of a clogged septic tank in your home, you know very well the disaster that a circumstance of this type means. If you are searching for a septic tank pumping or installation in Redmond, WA, Fresh N Clean is the right choice. 

Cleaning, emptying and installing a septic tank is a laborious and sometimes dangerous job. Depending on the cause of the blockage, you’ll know if it’s within your reach to take care of it. However, the best decision is to hire a company that maintains septic systems. 


What are septic systems and how do they work?

Septic systems are built below the surface in homes that do not have a public sewage system. Domestic wastewater is received and separated through the physical-chemical transformation of the organic matter contained in said water to facilitate its correct degradation. And reduce the impact on the soil and bodies of water. 

Septic tanks receive different kinds of waste from toilets, showers, sinks, kitchens, swimming pools, washing machines, and floors on a daily basis. These wastes are rich mainly in organic matter and fats. Billions of bacteria live in drainage systems and septic tanks, which can degrade these compounds under optimal conditions.

The sludge emptying should be done every year or two, depending on the number of inhabitants in the house. 

Problems arise when layers of grease and sludge accumulate and don’t allow decomposition processes to occur naturally. Part of these wastes are sucked into the filter until the septic tank system collapses.

Substances such as bleaches, bathroom sanitizers, detergents, toothpaste, and soaps also help decrease bacteria and disrupt the natural decomposition cycle.

Ideally, household discharge systems should be connected to the sewerage network so that their treatment is centralized and is carried out technically, minimizing environmental impacts.


What are the most common symptoms of septic pump issues?

Problems in pumping equipment can become tedious since their cause is not always so obvious and can leave the building without water for a long time. 

Although each structure is different, there are 5 widespread problems that, if identified quickly and correctly, can be solved in a matter of minutes without stopping the flow of water in the building for an extended period.

The 5 most common problems with pumping equipment are:

  • The pump starts, but there is no water flow
  • The pump starts and there is water flow but not enough pressure
  • Pump starts repeatedly
  • The pump doesn’t start
  • The pump doesn’t stop


Why should you trust Fresh N Clean Septic for the Redmond area?

When dealing with issues that directly affect our health and hygiene, it is essential to trust professionals who are perfectly familiar with the service they provide and are properly trained. 

There may be times when you’ve searched for a company providing septic tank services for a long time and have been dissatisfied with what you’ve found. Either due to the company’s lack of transparency or because you need clarification on the characteristics that make it possible for us to trust them. 

Fresh N Clean are proud to share that their company is specialized in this sector and works with the latest technology to guarantee the best possible quality of their work. They have many clients who trust them, so they`re one of the Redmond area’s best options for septic tank services. 

They are thoroughly convinced that their clients deserve the best quality at a reasonable price and since they’re specialists in this field, don’t hesitate to contact them if you need this kind of service. 


What services can they provide for Redmond WA?

To keep your septic tank maintained, Fresh N Clean will take care of its needs. 

Septic system inspection

To prevent your home from septic system problems, you should make inspections every three to five years. Professionals will ask you some questions. The system’s inspection includes measuring the levels of mud, and verifying the pipes and the mechanisms of the system.

Afterward, the water in the house will be run to ensure proper flow to the septic tank and what are the water levels. 

The Fresh N Clean will pump out the septic tank to check for backflow in the soaked area. The backflow level tells if there is a problem with the drain field. The flow level is then rechecked to ensure all aspects of the septic system are working correctly and there are no clogs.


Septic tank pumping

Septic pumping is made by professionals (such as FreshNClean) to remove the liquid and sludge from the septic tank. In this procedure, a high-pressure water nozzle is attached to a pump to remove the deposits.

The use of a garbage disposal will increase the amount of solids entering the septic tank, making it necessary to pump it more frequently. Routine pumping will also help prevent costly failures, such as clogged drain fields and sewage backing up into the house.


Septic tank cleaning

The importance of cleaning pipes in Redmond is an issue that must be addressed in most buildings. Proper pipe maintenance, including septic tanks cleaning, is essential for avoiding any problems.

There are many ways of cleaning. The mud and dirt that ends up piling up can reduce the accumulation and drainage capacity of the pit. 

Professionals always consider that not all the sludge is extracted, but 20% is left so the purification work can be activated again in the pit. These tasks should always be left in the hands of septic service companies in Redmond, WA since they can be very dangerous for people without adequate knowledge.


What are the benefits of regular septic pumping near Redmond?

Septic tanks which aren’t pumped regularly can overflow, causing toilets and drains to spew out what’s supposed to be in the septic tank.

Even if you have a well-functioning septic system and a healthy microbial ecosystem, your tank’s layers of sludge and scum will build up over time. Therefore, septic tank pumping in Redmond must be done periodically to avoid emergencies.


How to lengthen the life of your septic system?

The life of a septic pump can last a long time – 15 to 40 years if you take proper care. We suggest calling professionals for your septic system maintenance. 

Inspect your system regularly

There’s a reason we started with this tip. Regular inspection can be a crucial factor in determining if your septic system is deteriorating at an accelerated rate. Now, we’re not saying you should stress about this every day, but pay attention to any unusual smells around your house, sounds in the pipes, as well as leaks and clogs.

When you notice something out of the ordinary, contact the professionals so they can take care of it immediately.

Ensure regular pumping

Regular pumping is imperative if you want your septic tank to last a long time. Since you’re busy with your daily life, it’s easy to forget. Therefore, it is better to schedule pumping in advance.

Do not use septic additives

Septic systems are actually harmed by chemical and biological additives, according to some studies.

Reduce your wastewater flow

It’s always a good idea to reduce water consumption if unnecessary. For example, use your dishwasher and washing machine only when they’re full. Also, you can shorten your showers or stop the water flow when you are not using it. 

Pay attention to what you throw

Always pay attention to what you throw in your septic tank, because that significantly impacts it’s life. Avoid greases, harsh chemicals and non-disposable hygiene products.



In summary, various problems can arise in a septic system. These problems can be simple for users. When correctly identified by a professional, they can be solved quickly and easily without causing permanent damage to the pump.

Do you need septic service in Redmond, WA? If you need clarification, call Fresh N Clean for personalized repair or maintenance service