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What is it?

Septic System Repair is a service that involves replacing and fixing an existing problem or replacing the entire septic system if necessary.

Some of the main signs that your septic system is not working properly are:

  • Wastewater is returned from toilets and sinks;
  • The water drains slowly;
  • Presence of water, wet areas, and lush vegetation near or above the septic tank and drainage field;
  • Bad odors around the septic tank;
  • High levels of bacteria and nitrates in water wells.

What are the causes of problems with the septic system?

The causes of problems with your septic system can be many. One of the main ones is the improper use and treatment of the septic system. Throwing paper towels, cigarette butts, sanitary tampons, and many others are common causes of septic system problems.

In addition, some preparations can disrupt the function of the septic tank, which plays an essential role in wastewater treatment. Other causes and signs of septic tank problems can be: 

  • Clogging of the pipes that drain wastewater from your home into the septic tank. If you notice slow or no drainage of water from your home, the most likely cause is a clogged pipe;
  • Blocking the inlet baffle in the septic tank. It is a very similar problem to clogging the pipe. You can try to unplug it without professional help if you have access to the entrance barrier. But we advise you to contact specialists in order not to damage any part of the septic system;
  • Clogging of the Outlet baffle or the wastewater filter. It means that the wastewater cannot go to the drain field. In this case, the septic tank may overflow, the wastewater may begin to return to your home or come to the surface near the septic tank. Dealing with this problem requires cleaning or replacing the filter, if any, or pumping the septic tank;
  • Improper operation of the drain field. If it has been improperly operated, too much hard material has gone into it, or maybe it has been used for too many years, you will notice some specific changes. The unpleasant odors, overgrowth around the septic tank and the drain field, humidity, and water around them are signs of a problem in the drain field.

If you notice any malfunction, you should consult a Septic System Repair specialist. In most cases, a new drain field is made because the old one is damaged.

Among the common causes of septic system problems are irregular inspections and improper maintenance of the septic system. The septic tank must be pumped and cleaned regularly to function properly. It would prevent various problems from occurring.

If you notice any malfunctions with your septic system, we advise you to contact a licensed company to perform the necessary inspection and repair the septic system.

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What does the service include?

The Septic System Repair service includes several essential processes that ensure high-quality service. The first step is for our qualified specialists to locate the septic system and perform an inspection.

Inspection of the septic system helps to determine its current condition and to locate the existing problem. During the examination, we will check for unpleasant odors, blockages, or bubbling. Along with this, we will review the inlet and outlet baffle, which are the connection between your house, the septic tank, and the drainage field.

Once we have performed all the necessary tests and analyzes, we will start fixing and repairing the fault.


Who does the service – experience, background, specialty.

Septic System Repair is a specific service that a licensed company must perform. Fresh Clean Septic is a company that has many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of septic systems.

Our team consists of highly qualified inspectors and technicians who have the necessary experience and knowledge. They will treat your case with the expertise needed, inspecting, locating the problem, and fixing it.

Fresh Clean Septic has professional machinery and equipment needed to perform Septic System Repair.


Types of septic systems we serve 

Each septic system has its specifics and requires an individual approach to its repair. The types of septic systems we serve are:

Related Services – why do we need them?

Owning and maintaining a septic system includes several essential services that can prevent serious problems. These are:

  • Septic System Inspection is what our team will start with. During the inspection, we will test and analyze your septic system in detail. It will include how the septic tank and drainage field work;
  • Septic Tank Pumping is a service that you must perform regularly. If Septic Tank Repair is needed, it may also be necessary to pump. It is usually done every 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of the septic system, the size of the septic tank, the number of people living in the house, and the amount of water you use;
  • Septic Tank Cleaning is a complete cleaning of the septic tank. It means that in addition to the wastewater removal, our technicians will remove the formed sediment at the bottom of the septic tank. Along with pumping, this service must be performed regularly;
  • Septic System Maintenance allows your system to operate efficiently. It includes inspection, pumping, and cleaning, and repairs if necessary. Regular septic system maintenance will prevent possible problems and the need for Septic System Repair.


Why you need Septic System Repair? 

Regular care of your septic system is essential. When there is a problem, and your septic system is not working efficiently, it can damage huge. In addition to the cost of repair, issues with septic systems pose other much more dangerous risks.

Many harmful bacteria and viruses live in wastewater. As we know, the main task of the septic system is to purify this wastewater and destroy all harmful microorganisms. If your septic system cannot process the water, it remains polluted.

It leads to pollution of rivers, lakes, and drinking water that you and the animals consume. Therefore, the consumption of polluted water affects your health by causing bacterial and viral infections.

Timely action in the event of a problem and the implementation of Septic System Repair can prevent damage that could affect public health and the environment. That is why routine inspections, pumping, and cleaning of the septic tank are necessary.

The Fresh Clean Septic team is always there. If you live in Woodinville County and need a Septic System Repair, you can contact us to make an appointment. Our qualified inspectors and technicians strive to provide you with the best quality services and make sure you have an efficient septic system.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need Septic System Repair? 

The frequency depends mainly on the size of the septic tank, the number of people living in the house, and the way the water is used. Usually, inspections need to be done once a year and pumping the septic tank – every 3 to 5 years.

How long does Septic System Repair take?

You need to perform Septic System Repair when a problem is identified or suspected.

How much does it cost? 

Prices for Septic System Repair vary. It depends on the service and the size of your septic system, as well as its problem. For this purpose, you can contact us to request an offer for the specific service you need.

How to request a quote? 

For this purpose, you can call us or by filling out our contact form on our website.

Do you offer regular Septic System Repair? 

Fresh Clean Septic offers you a Regular Septic System Repair. You can contact us to inspect your septic system and prepare a maintenance plan.

Do I need to do something before the arrival of your experts?

Before our team arrives, it is good to prepare “As-Built” and give us free access to your septic system.

What happens if I’m not happy with the service?

In case you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact us to explain your case.