Тips for choosing the best septic-safe products | Fresh N Clean Septic

If you have a property with a septic tank system, you must be sure it functions properly. When properly maintained, septic tank systems can last a long time. 

But when we neglect their proper maintenance or if we choose the wrong maintenance techniques and cleaning products, some issues can occur and when it comes to septic tank systems, small issues can turn into big and messy ones that will cost a considerable amount of money and time to repair.

Keeping your septic tank system is essential for the overall “health” of your building. Do you know that the home care products you use for cleaning your home can have a significant impact on the condition of your septic tank system?

Knowing what products you can use to clean and maintain our septic tank system is a crucial step for lengthening its life span and saving yourself property damage that will require costly repairs.

There are various products designed for septic tank cleaning on the market but it’s important not to choose a random one for your septic tank system. Each septic tank system is individual and it requires a specific approach in terms of its maintenance and cleaning. 

Picking the right products for the clean-up of your home should be one of the priority tasks you need to do.

There are certain products on the market that pose no risk for damage to your septic tank system.  In this article we will enlist some effective drain cleaners that are safe for septic tank systems.

What an excellent septic system-friendly product should offer?

To call a specific septic system cleaning product a good choice, it’s recommended to meet some criteria. It needs to have the ability to enhance the natural enzyme and bacterial activity in a septic tank system. 

Here we mean the healthy bacteria that lives in all septic tanks and that is responsible for breaking down the solid waste.To do its job properly, we need to ensure that nothing disrupts its balance when maintained. 

Paying attention to the products you use for cleaning your property will ensure that it has an efficient septic waste digestion.

Good septic tank cleaning products don’t allow the appearance of unpleasant odors inside septic tanks and soakaways. They also don’t lead to blockages inside septic system pipelines and don’t limit the free flow of wastewater.

Some homecare products designed for different cleaning tasks  such as toilet bowl cleaners and laundry detergents can lead to damage inside a septic tank system.

To have a properly functioning septic tank system you need to avoid  household products with a high chemical content as their formulas will wreak havoc among the microorganisms inside your septic tank. The lack of balance in this type of bacteria can lead to significant issues. 

Besides destroying the beneficial bacteria inside the septic tank, the harsh chemicals some household products contain can also lead to other drainage system issues-septic tank clogs, groundwater pollution, and others. Groundwater pollution ,for example, negatively impacts the area’s wildlife and entire ecosystem.

In fact, when overused all types of chemicals  can damage a septic tank system. So, it all comes down to moderate product use and applying non-chemical methods for cleaning your household whenever possible.

What should we know when searching for the right septic tank cleaning product?

The Product is Listed as Septic-Friendly 

Remember that you should always check the ingredients of the products you are buying. Even if a cleaning product is labeled as safe and effective, ensure it’s genuinely safe for use in a septic tank system.

There are several types of cleaning products that fall in the category of septic-friendly products. Multipurpose household cleaning products are considered safe for septic systems in general. These include different types of laundry and surface cleaning products. 

Standard household bleach for example is also considered septic system friendly because its chemical content is usually low compared to a bleach labeled as “extra strong” and which most certainly has a strong chemical formula. 

Cleaning products that contain hydrogen peroxide are also considered septic-safe. Despite the fact that products like conventional chlorine bleach and some ammonia-based cleaning products are considered safe for use inside a septic tank system, you should avoid overusing them. 

The best option that will guarantee you a peace of mind is just to choose non-ammonia, non-chlorine cleaning products. Avoid  petroleum and ammonia-based cleaners as well as products containing hydrochloric acid.

Liquid drain cleaners are also safe when used occasionally. You should use these rarely in order to allow them to get diluted inside your septic tank and avoid disrupting the bacterial balance in the wastewater.

Reliable drain cleaners and foam drain cleaners, on the other hand, aren’t recommended for use inside septic tanks as they can lead to damage. It’s not recommended to use drain cleaners often, every week or once a month because the chemicals they contain have a highly acidic effect.

Water-based household cleaners are the best option when choosing septic-safe products. Their high water content dilutes the chemicals and prevents them from harming the healthy bacteria inside a septic tank. The labels of such cleaners usually show that water is among the first ingredients.

So, never read the labels of the cleaning products you choose for your household. Opt for all-natural cleaners cleaning products with mild formulas that contain no phosphates.The more eco-friendly a cleaning product is, the better.

Avoid Antibacterial Products 

Antibacterial Products are not a good option when it comes to proper septic tank maintenance. As their name suggests, they are designed to destroy bacteria, so if they end up inside a septic tank, they are likely to disrupt the balance of the healthy bacteria.

Trial and Error

Commercial cleaning products offer great results when it comes to effective home cleaning. But if you want to reduce the risk of damage to your septic tank system to a minimum, then you need to start using natural cleaning ingredients to keep your home clean.

The eco-friendly products you will find on the market are created in such a way that makes them perfectly safe for the environment. Their formulas can be free of chemicals or contain a small amount.

Some environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients offer great results in different cleaning tasks around our home. The good thing about them is that they are both convenient and septic-safe. Some of them are white vinegar and baking soda.

You can make your own DIY septic-safe cleaning solution at home for the drains you want to clean. You need baking soda and white vinegar. Measure ½ cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. After that, get 1 cup of white vinegar and pour it down the drain as well. 

Wait until the solution forms a foam and then pour a gallon of boiling water in order to flush down the drain.