business buildings with commercial septic systems in Bellevue, WA

Installing a commercial septic system in Bellevue, WA, is a balance of technicalities and budgeting. Commercial septic systems have to treat more wastewater than residential properties. So if a septic system is not installed or maintained properly, it can pose a severe hazard to the community.  

Commercial or business owners invest plenty in their business or property. This includes building and maintaining. Sometimes, looking at how much money you’ve spent on your property can get wild. This is especially true when thinking about sewer waste management.

A heads-up on the most expensive part of a commercial septic system would do a great deal. Then, read on to get an overview of a septic system’s components and the costs that come with it. 

business buildings with commercial septic systems in Bellevue, WA

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What are the components of a commercial septic system?

A commercial septic system in Bellevue is no different from a residential one. The only vast difference is its size.

A larger septic system needs bigger components to work. The components of your system would also depend on your septic system design. 

Here are some standard components you’ll find there: 

  • Septic Tanks. This component stores wastewater from the property. The initial stages of treatment are happening here.
  • Inlet and outlet Pipes. The inlet and outlet pipes connect the septic tank to the building’s plumbing system. The inlet pipe directs wastewater into the tank. The outlet pipe allows treated effluent to flow out.
  • Distribution box (D-box). Systems with multiple drain lines use a distribution box. It evenly disperses effluent to the drain field pipes.
  • Drain field. Drain fields distribute and treat effluent in a dedicated area. The soil acts as a natural filter. It removes extra impurities and prevents groundwater contamination. A drain or leach field is often the most expensive part of a commercial septic system in Bellevue, WA.
  • Alarm system. Alarm systems alert property owners if the system has reached high effluent levels.

How can septic system costs affect your business?

Septic systems are an investment. They are like any other aspect of your commercial property. No cost is greater than preventing future disasters and repairing your property.


Installing a septic system for a commercial property is costly, as it should be. Installation costs can skyrocket and vary depending on the type and size of your system. The facility or commercial property where the system is to be installed is also a factor they depend on. 

Most commercial property owners install a recirculating gravel filter system. Or, they may use an aerobic treatment unit. They may use a distribution filter in combination with the aerobic treatment unit. 

The general installation cost estimate is around USD 30,000 to USD 100,000 or even more. It depends on the facility and capacity requirements. But, it is best to consult a licensed engineer or septic system designer for a proper estimate. 

Ongoing maintenance and related expenses

Ongoing maintenance and related expenses vary. They depend on replacement parts, pipe repairs, routine inspection, and septic tank pumping. 

The cleaning schedule for septic tanks depends on the amount of septic waste to pump. In King County, you have to pump or maintain your septic tank every year. The frequency depends on the technology you use. Some systems may require maintenance every six months. 

commercial buildings in Bellevue, King County

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Budgeting tip

Commercial septic systems are an investment. It’ll feel like you’re burning a hole through your wallet at first. You can expect a higher operational cost to keep the system running. 

The best budget tip is not to skimp on quality, whether parts or the unit itself. Having an expensive yet quality and operational septic system has many benefits. The expenses from damages of a failing system far outweighs the initial investment. 


Installing a commercial septic system in Bellevue, WA, can be expensive. Each septic system part can feel like the most costly part. But, this comes within the territory of preventing future costs of plumbing issues, potential damages, and groundwater contamination. 

Trust only the experts on preventive septic tank maintenance and cleaning. If you’re not skimping on the quality of your system, do not skimp on the quality of your preventive septic cleaning service provider.

If you need reliable and expert help with cleaning your septic tank, choose Fresh N Clean Septic. We’re dedicated to keeping your commercial septic system working well. 

Here’s what we provide:

  • Licensed professionals. Our certified experts will give your business the septic tank help it needs.
  • Quality maintenance. We’ll make sure your property stays trouble-free. We’ll do this by regularly checking and maintaining your septic system.
  • Efficiency and compliance: We manage waste effectively and follow all the rules.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there specific maintenance tasks for commercial septic systems?

Yes. Specific maintenance tasks for commercial septic systems include regular inspections. They also include pumping as needed, cleaning the effluent filter, and ensuring the proper functioning of components. 

How often should commercial septic tank pumping be performed?

King County requires annual or semiannual septic tank pumping or maintenance, depending on the system type in a commercial property or usage frequency.

What signs indicate a problem with the commercial septic system?

Prompt attention to issues like slow drains, unpleasant odors, standing water near the drain field, or gurgling sounds in plumbing is needed to prevent potentially extensive damage to your property.